Veni, vidi, videsignici.

My Latin may be a bit rusty, but my design skills are as sharp as ever. For 12 years I’ve been honing my UI, UX, product design, and leadership talents to help universities and businesses thrive across the world.

What am I doing currently?
You can find me at the University of Connecticut (UConn) wearing many hats, including web, UI, UX, and product design, as well as managing mobile apps for the university.
Any leadership skills?
I oversee a team responsible for web design, support, and IT accessibility at UConn. From the initial meeting with clients to discuss their vision and goals, to handing the project off and providing continual support, my team handles it all. Throughout the process I help to nurture and grow talent amongst team members to make us more efficient and valuable to both organization and client.
Favorite ice cream flavor?
Mint chocolate chip, hands down.
How do you feel about resumes?
I’m a big fan, I even have a resume of my own.
brand dunnigan headshot