WordPress on steroids.

How many sites have you spun up in a single multi-site WordPress instance? 5? 10? 50? Aurora was built for the needs of the University of Connecticut and hosts over 2,000 sites on a single WordPress instance. Yowza!

picture of an Aurora up north in a snowy setting

Open source opens doors.

How do you support the web needs of a university with 30,000+ students and 10,000+ faculty/staff? That’s the question that was posed in early 2012 when the current web services were falling short.

Enter WordPress, stage left.

The goal was simple create themes, templates, and a design language that would allow the university community to spin up websites quickly, with minimal oversight. As the service matured we’ve implemented feedback from users to improve workflows, increase offerings, and make content accessible to all users, regardless of impairment.